iKuka Sportswear

iKuka Sportswear manufactures/distributes high quality custom-made sportswear including Custom Sports Jerseys in any size, color, or style. We can even manufacture custom sports jerseys for an entire team.

Our Custom Sportswear line is comprised of our uniquely designed iKuka Custom Sports Jersey and other types of Custom Designed and One-of-a-Kind Sport Jerseys thru our KShirts website.

The K is for Kustom.

We also manufacture and distribute FG Brand Fitness Gloves for All Sports and Active Lifestyles. FG brand fitness gloves are top quality products made from leather and other materials for all sports and active lifestyles.

If you need some custom "Bling" to go with your sportswear, our PINdant.com business can make that happen. We will custom manufacture personalized Sterling Silver pin/pendants (PINdants) to wear with your iKuka Sportswear products.

No One Does what iKuka Sportswear Does......so

Let's Go!
International Rapper - Andre
iKuka Jerseys have have that "Let's Go!" Attitude.
Each iKuka sports jersey is made using bright vibrant colors and they are offered in 5 unique styles with countless color/number combinations.
iKuka Custom Sports Jerseys
iKuka's are Baseball, Basketball, and Football sports jerseys manufactured using 100% quality polyester materials. The iKuka logo (whichever of the 5 styles you choose) and the numbers (front and back) are sewn-on tackle/twill polyester.
Call or Fax us 24 Hours a Day at:
1-407-Hey-Kuka (USA)